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Are hair treatments really worth it?

Are hair treatments really worth it?
Are hair treatments really worth it?

Does hair really benefit from treatments?

Yes, as long as you’re choosing the right one. It’s like sending your car in to have the oil changed when you’ve got an issue with the brakes. Not really going to fix the problem is it?

Hair stylist, Marc Armstrong from RAW Anthony Nader says, “it’s understandable why people are sceptical about treatments, especially when its cost vs. benefit. You have to make sure it’s the right treatment for your hair or it’s money down the drain. You need to know: is it protein, moisture or U.V protection your hair needs?”

Armstrong says hair always benefits from treatments but if there’s a time you can’t scrimp on it, it’s straight after a colour. “When you colour your hair it’s in its most vulnerable state. The cuticles are left open and your hair can feel dehydrated.”

How often should you have treatments?

It depends on the state of your hair. Armstrong says, “Prevention is better than cure so if your hair is healthy you might only need a treatment every 1-4 weeks but if your hair has seen better days and hates the sight of a comb, a treatment would be advisable every wash.”

Salon vs. at-home treatments

In the salon you have the guidance of hair experts who can determine what your hair needs, though admittedly it might be a little more expensive. There are plenty of DIY treatments available but they may not be compatible to your hair’s needs. Armstrong says, “For example if you use a product that has too much protein it can have reverse effects. Too much protein strengthens the hair but will make it brittle just like lead out of a pencil – it’s strong but you would not like to bend it!”

If you’re time poor like oh, pretty much everyone, you can use an at-home treatment as a nice way to pamper yourself but the advantage of getting it done at a salon is the treatment will be applied properly – plus you get the bonus of an awesome head massage.

Natural hair treatments

Go the natural route and make your own hair treatment at home. Armstrong says, “Olive oil, coconut oil and even grapeseed oil can all be mixed with avocado and eggs! These natural items will strengthen the hair with their protein content and also leave the hair feeling rehydrated. There are many recipes available so dig deep in to your cupboard and give it a go!”


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