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Have a cold? Your sleep habits might be to blame

Have a cold? Your sleep habits might be to blame

Tired? Run down? Sick? If you’re ticking yes to each of these we may know why. The amount of sleep you’re getting each night (or lack of) can significantly increase your chances of catching a nasty cold.

A new study published in the journal Sleep revealed that people who only get 6 hours or less of shut-eye a night are four more times likely to get sick after being exposed to the cold virus.

This would make complete, wonderful sense to anyone who has been running low on sleep and now battling a cold.

The researchers had 164 healthy individuals wear a wrist monitor for 7 days to observe what their sleep habits were like and how many hours of snooze time they were getting each night. After a few weeks, the participants were exposed to a rhinovirus (the common cold virus) via nasal drops containing the virus and monitored over 5 days.

Results indicated that the amount of sleep the participants had played a huge factor on whether or not they caught the cold themselves. Those sleeping less than 5 hours or only getting 5 – 6 were at a greater risk of developing a cold compared to those getting more than 7 hours per night.

This research is yet another friendly reminder of the importance sleepand other lifestyle habits have in our health. You’re not going to do yourself any favours (health wise) by pushing yourself to the extreme.Rest and recovery — so important.


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