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One Exercise, Four Minutes, 28 Days, New Body

One Exercise, Four Minutes, 28 Days, New Body
One Exercise, Four Minutes, 28 Days, New Body

Work-out, exercise, diet are you tired of all these techniques to get a right body shape? Then here is a time to try out a single exercise which will provide you a new fit body in just 28 days.

Yes, it is true! The plank exercise will help you to strengthen the core of your body and thus result in the perfect body shape. Many times people skip this exercise during their work out, but actually it is the most powerful exercise to keep your body in shape.

Plank exercise strengthens the muscles of arms, legs and buttocks. It melts the excessive deposited fat faster than sit-ups and strengthens your external as well as internal muscles of the back.

So, how exactly you can perform the plank? It is a simple exercise to hold up the push-up position.

 Plank Challenge- What it is exactly?

Here is a plank challenge for you! It is four-week challenge designed which increases as the time pass on.

Follow the below steps-

  1. The main step of the challenge is to hold the plank position for 20 seconds on the first day.
  2. Later on you have to keep increasing the holding time day by day.
  3. On the 28th day, you should be able to keep the non-paused plank for 4 minutes.

What is the Correct Plank Position?

It is very important to perform the right plank position to gain the desired results. What you have to do is life your body on elbows and lean on the toes. Keep your upper body in a straight line throughout the exercise.

Control the body to remain in the right position while keeping the head and neck in the extension of the back. Take a deep breath with the help of your abdominal muscles. Make sure you distribute the weight properly on elbows and feet so that you can enhance the balance and strain the glutes.

Plank Challenge for 28-days

  • Day 1 & 2: 20 seconds
  • Day 3& 4: 30 seconds
  • Day 5: Increase to 40 seconds
  • Day 6: Take rest
  • Day 7 & 8: Start with 45 seconds
  • Day 9,10 & 11: 60 seconds
  • Day 12: Increase to 90 seconds
  • Day 13: Take rest
  • Day 14 & 15: Again begin with 90 seconds
  • Day 16 & 17: 120 seconds
  • Day 18: Increase to 150 seconds
  • Day 19: Take rest
  • Day 20 & 21: 150 seconds
  • Day 22 & 2News3: 180 seconds
  • Day 24: 210 seconds
  • Day 25: Take rest
  • Day 26: Again begin with 210 seconds
  • Day 27: Increase to 240 seconds
  • Day 28: As long as possible for you


This exercise really works! You can experience the benefit in first 20 seconds itself. So, try out the challenge starting from today to get your body in shape.


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