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How A Mother Cured Her Daughter’s Eczema With A Raw Diet

How A Mother Cured Her Daughter’s Eczema With A Raw Diet
How A Mother Cured Her Daughter’s Eczema With A Raw Diet

Your health is closely related to your diet. What you eat definitely has an impact on your health in terms of development of immune system and diseases you became prone too.

Here is a story of Maya and her mother which cover the struggle one has to take to cure diseases like eczema. What Maya’s mother did to save her daughter from eczema is amazing and you must read it once.

We can say Maya was born with eczema as she was suffering from this disease long back from the age of one. May’s body broke out with red and flaky skin which made her mother consult a paediatrician.

The treatment started with steroid cream which is considered as the most preferred medicine to cure eczema. The paediatrician also suggested some changes in the diet such as replacement of cow’s milk to goat’s milk. Maya’s mother followed the instructions right away. As around 15% of infants are allergic to the dairy proteins the change in diet really worked. But unfortunately, it worked only for short time.

The result of steroid creams came up in the terms of weakening immunity. The steroid creams kill the cells which fight the pathogens and this Maya repetitively suffered from colds. The cream was only covering up the eczema problem but has not solved the root cause of the issue.

Maya started growing up, but at the age of 4 eczema’s caught her back. Maya’s mother was firm this time that she is not going to use steroid cream anymore. Thus, there was a switch in treatment from conventional to naturopathic approach. As a first step, Maya’s mother cut gluten, refined sugar and milk from her daughter’s diet. Miraculously eczema disappeared in no time.


Everything was going fine when eczema attacked Maya at the age of 7. This time, it was worse and came along with the attack of parasites as well as candida. In such situation, Maya’s mother cut down eggs and meat from her daughter’s diet. The effort took on a diet where going worst as the eczema issue was growing rapidly.

Maya dropped weight drastically and lost the ability to absorb nutrients from the food. Maya’s mother thought she has to get back to medication as she don’t want to lose her child.

The Last Effort which Worked!

Maya’s mother started online research on the health issues and was getting more and more new information. On Instagram, she came across the post which suggested  a high carb, raw vegan diet to treat candida. The post has mentioned the success of this method and assured the right cure for the issue.

Maya’s mother was actually confused if she should go for this wacky method to save her daughter. Finally, she decided that she will try it! She first tested 10-day banana diet herself before providing it to Maya. She felt fantastic while following the diet. Thus, she immediately started the diet with green leaf, fruit, nut and seed for her family.

Within 6 months, May’s skin got completely cleared up. It was a remarkable result with only some dry spots left on Maya’s skin. The entire family is now enjoying the benefits of the diet.

The family is now a healthy and happy!


What the Take-Home Lesson

Many physicians now have recognized the health benefits of plant-based diet and started suggesting such diet to the patients.

Berkow and Barnard, the reputed authors have reported in Nutrition Reviews-2006  the benefits of vegetarian diet after analysis of 87 published studies.  The author clearly stated that vegan diet is high effective for weight loss and lowers the rate of heart diseases. It is also effective to treat issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

The most amazing result of the research has mentioned that even the exercise are not followed for weight loss and the individual only went on a vegetarian diet then also the rate of weight loss is 1 pound per week.

The studies done by Adventist Health provides that the risk of diabetes development is half for vegetarians as compared to non-vegetarians. Vang et al in 2008 backed the same results stating that over a period of 17 years 74% more non-vegetarians develop diabetes than vegetarians.

So, what you think? You too want to try it! You can gradually reduce the meat and animal by-product intake and add the leafy stuff in your diet. Limit the meat and egg intake to 4 days at the beginning and lower it gradually. Try to implement more recipes which are plant-based in your diet.

The reduction in meat and dairy consumption is not only beneficial for your health but as has a positive ecological impact for our Earth.

Don’t wait, just try it from today! Definitely you will enjoy the benefits in few weeks.


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