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Home Remedies To Cure Anemia

Home Remedies To Cure Anemia
Home Remedies To Cure Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition where the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is usually found to be less than normal. When the hemoglobin level in men is found to be less than 13.5 gram/100 ml and less than 12 gram/100 ml in women, such men and women are found to be anemic. Anemia is a condition that is caused by the destruction of the red blood cells or hemoglobin or an increase in the loss or the destruction of the red blood cells. Those who have anemia are often unaware of their condition. However, there are some symptoms that are apparent in anemic patients. It is important to understand the causes and symptoms of anemia and take steps accordingly to resolve the problem.

Causes Of Anemia

Anemia is not an ailment by itself. Any physiological process can disrupt the life span of the red blood cells and that in turn can cause anemia. The normal life span of a red blood cell is usually 120 days. These cells are manufactured inside the bone marrow.
•    Any physiological process that results in the decrease of production of red blood cells can cause anemia
•    If there is an increase in the rate of loss of the red blood cells it will lead to anemia
•    When the average volume of the red blood cells is low, denoted by Mean Corpuscular Volume, it is known as microcytic anemia
•    When MCV value is within normal range, it is known as normocytic anemia
•    When MCV is high, the condition is denoted as macrocytic anemia
•    Iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiencies can lead to anemia
•    Any other underlying illness could lead to anemia being one of the symptoms
When every component of the complete blood count is looked at, then only the physicians can gather knowledge as to what is causing anemia in a patient.

Symptoms Of Anemia

The symptoms of anemia are often difficult to discern. Many people confuse the signs and symptoms of anemia with any other ailment. However, when a complete blood count is taken, then anemia will become apparent. Some common symptoms that the patients experience are:
•    Feeling tired and fatigued easily – as the hemoglobin count is low in such people, they usually feel tired and fatigued easily with little work done
•    There is a paleness of skin that is apparent in those who suffer from anemia
•    Shortness of breath is a condition that is associated with anemic patients
•    Feeling the heart racing, increase in probability of heart problems are symptoms that are associated with anemia
•    Other symptoms of severe anemia are ringing sound in the ears, bluish fingertips, confusion, swelling of tongue, irritability

Home Remedies To Cure Anemia

When one is diagnosed with anemia, they can take certain precautions which will aid them to overcome the disease. When anemia is uncomplicated, simple home remedies and a stress on one’s diet to cover up certain deficiencies will ensure that anemia is reduced and kept under control.

1.    Increase Iron Rich Food
It is seen that those who suffer from iron deficiency usually exhibit the symptoms of anemia. You could take up:
•    Food that is rich in iron content
•    Vitamin supplements
These steps will ensure that you step up the iron content in the body which is the main element needed to produce hemoglobin.

2.    Taking Epsom Salt
It is necessary to increase the salt content in your body. If you are suffering from iron deficiency or are prone to anemia, you could:
•    Soak in a bath with Epsom salt added to the water
•    Soak your feet in such solution for a period of ten to fifteen minutes

3.    Take A Cold Bath
In order to get the blood flowing effectively one should take a cold shower.
•    A cold shower should be taken with the breath held and let out slowly
•    A vigorous scrub and who don will help to keep up the blood circulation

4.    Get A Massage
When you are feeling down or fatigued, you need to get the blood flowing. A great way to do this is to take a massage:
•    Get your hands, arms and legs massaged
•    It is a great home remedy that helps to overcome stress, fatigue and get the blood flowing

5.    Eat Apples
Apples are rich in micronutrients including iron. Thus, if you are anemic you need to intake:
•    Fruits of different kinds
•    Consume more than one apple a day

6.    Consume Citrus Fruits
It is necessary to have citrus fruits which increase the iron content in the body and the absorption of the micronutrient.
•    Have at least more than one citrus fruit a day
•    Choose between limes, lemons and other fruits

7.    Consume Honey
Honey is known to be an excellent source of cure for anemia.
•    A concoction of honey, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar will prove to be ideal to combat the anemic conditions
•    Such a mixture is known to be a powerful antioxidant and will help to address general health issues as well

8.    Avoid Caffeinated Drinks
It is best to avoid coffee as the caffeine increases the heart rate and might not be ideal for anemic patients.
•    Try and consume decaf version
•    Limit the number of cups of coffee consumed

9.    Try Figs
•    Figs are seen to be excellent remedy for anemia
•    One should consume three to four figs daily in order to combat anemia

10.    Taking Up Vitamin B12
It is seen that anemic patients are usually low on their vitamin B12 content. This can be increased by:
•    Consuming fruits and food items rich in such a micronutrient
•    Taking up supplements rich in this complex micronutrient

11.    Watch What You Eat
When you are anemic, it is best to look into your diet and ensure that you eat the right food.
•    One need to ensure that fruits and vegetables are consumed everyday as part of the meals
•    These are essential to ensure that the vitamin and iron content is added of the right amount to one’s system

As one eats healthy, it would be apparent the changes coming on and one is sure to feel stronger, less fatigued, more energetic and other positive side effects of following a healthy diet.

12.    Consume Beetroot Juice
It is imperative that one know the vegetables that are rich in iron content.
•    Beetroot is one such vegetable which is beneficial for those who have low iron content and suffer from anemia
•    Beetroot can be had as a cooked vegetable or in the form of beetroot juice which is more effective

13.    Try Bananas
It is important to incorporate bananas in one’s diet.
•    It is known to be a good source of magnesium
•    Banana combined with honey will surely help one to step up the necessary salt content for increasing hemoglobin in the blood

14.    Currants In The Morning
One could soak currant and consume them to feel the benefits:
•    About ten currants should be soaked overnight
•    The seeds should be removed
•    They should be eaten first thing in the morning
This should be done for a period of three to four weeks

15.    Increase Red Colored Fruits And Veggies In Your Diet
The red colored fruits as well as vegetables contain the necessary vitamins which will enrich the blood of hemoglobin and reduce anemia:
•    Have apples
•    Use tomatoes in your diet
•    Consume beetroot as vegetable or in juice form

16.    Consume Green And Leafy Vegetables
One should consume green and leafy vegetables as that helps to step up the level of micronutrients in the body:
•    Increase iron content
•    Increase salt content

17.    Honey Should Be Your Friend
It is necessary to increase honey intake as it is beneficial for the anemic persons:
•    It is rich in iron
•    Manganese
•    Copper

These micronutrients are known for their necessity to step up the hemoglobin content in the bloodstream.

18.    Stay Active
The more active one stays the more the capability of the blood to circulate and keep one healthy:
•    Regular exercises should be done
•    Strength training will increase muscle mass and help keep up strength and keep away fatigue

Thus, the home remedies are numerous when it comes to combating anemia. Do you feel low and depressed often? Are you irritable, fatigued most of the time? It is time to look into your diet in order to combat such signs of anemia. While anemia is not an ailment, it is a sign of robust health. It needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid other health issues from coming up like heart diseases and others. A regular blood count should be taken to monitor the progress in alleviating the condition of anemia. If you are on the look out for effective home remedies, there are many useful and easy to implement tips suggested above. These will surely make a difference in one’s health.


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