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Five simple and effective home remedies for acne scars

Five simple and effective home remedies for acne scars
Five simple and effective home remedies for acne scars

If any of you have happened to be unfortunate enough to have suffered from acne, either now in the present, or in the past, you’ll know just how badly this awful affliction can affect you, both physically, and psychologically. It is a condition which makes individuals extremely self conscious about their appearance and how they look and can be difficult to treat and get rid of. Even if you now happen to have gotten rid of your acne, in some cases, the scars left behind can be unsightly to say the least. If you yourself happen to suffer from acne scarring then fear not, because in this article we’ll take a look at five simple, yet effective home remedies to help you rid yourself of any unsightly acne scarring you may be suffering with.

Sandalwood and Rose water paste :

This is especially simple as it is literally, not surprisingly, sandalwood and rose water, combined together until a thick paste has been formed. Once you have the desired consistency, simply apply it to the affected area, and wait, the longer the better. If you can tolerate it, then apply the paste like a face mask before bed, and leave it on overnight. This isn’t a super quick fix, so you will be required to apply the face mask for a prolonged period of time, until you notice an improvement in your skin.

Fenugreek leaf paste :

Another completely natural treatment for acne scars is fenugreek leaves. Simply make a paste out of ground up fenugreek seeds and a bit of water, and apply to your face like a face mask. Alternatively, you can boil up some fenugreek seeds in some water, blend together, and apply the mix to your face once it has cooled down. Again leave the paste for as long as you can tolerate, and repeat the process as necessary.

Olive oil :

This wonderful oil, derived from the humble olive is simply fantastic for a number of health related issues, including the treatment of acne scars. Massage the oil onto the affected area daily for a number of weeks, or even months. The oil acts like a natural moisturizer that softens the texture of your skin, and makes the acne scars much less prominent.

Aloe Vera :

When it comes to the treatment of skin related disorders, few natural remedies can top the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera. Commonly used as a natural remedy to help treat scars and wounds, it’s no wonder it’s so effective when treating unsightly acne scars. Simply get your hands on some Aloe Vera juice (available at most good health stores, or the internet), and apply to your skin every day if possible. By doing this you’ll be able to drastically reduce the level of acne scarring, and help combat any future acne breakouts in the future.

Lemon juice :

If you happen to suffer from darker acne scars, then lemon juice is for you. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice to the affected area, and wait until the skin has absorbed it all. Once it has indeed all been absorbed, rinse it off with cold water. Lemon juice helps combat dark acne scars and blemishes by lightening them so they’re much less obvious.


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