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How To Burn Calories AFTER You Work Out

How To Burn Calories AFTER You Work Out
How To Burn Calories AFTER You Work Out

There is no doubt in the fact that workout is done with the idea of burning calories however when any individual is capable of burning calories even after workout they would definitely like to go ahead with the process irrespective of the difficulty levels. Here is the detailed information about this procedure which is called EPOC – Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption as per which there will be burning up of additional calories which are known to be possible with the exercise session.

Most of them focus only on calories which are burnt during physical activity however they remain unaware of the fact that their body will burn even more calories after workout. Though there are several advantages from physical activity which has been attracting several individuals but the actual reason of burning fat when accompanied with EPOC will keep them all the more attracted to entire process of exercise.

One simple logic of workout is doing lot of physical activity will need lot of energy for the body to get back into its normal stage for which lots of calories are the requirement. Going with exercise is much easier when a target is set along with basic idea about the body playing right part in meeting these goals for which there are various methods available which are said to fetch even varying results.

To get appropriate results it is suggested to go with proper plan which when supported by effort that is not possible through sitting at one place since there are only particular exercises which makes it probable. It is not only while doing exercises that calories are found to spend instead calories also are found to burn when the body is recuperating after lots of hardwork or rigorous workout session which needs recovery unlike what is needed for softer workout.

This recovery process of body includes getting back the energy levels to normal, supplying of glycogen to the muscles and several other activities which help the body in getting back to its normal state for which the best supply is all the fat that has been stored so far.

Here are the types of exercises which will help in extracting maximum benefits from fat burning EPOC:

For anyone willing to gain maximum advantages from EPOC will need aerobic and anaerobic exercises which will help in warming up the body to give it a heads on about what is beneficial for it.

  1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

    This is one such type of activity that is said to burn lots of calories in short time since this type will need longer duration for the body to recover.

  2. Spinning:

    They are said to have lesser effect at the same time they also are said to help in having a check on the intensity at which workout is done. This can be added by cycling which adds aerobic workout zone along with slight shades of anaerobic exercises.

  3. Weight Training:

    Doing strength training will put additional stress on the muscles when there is a need to gain muscles with slower methods, body needs lots of energy to repair the body with excessive usage of weights.

  4. Sprinting:

    This session needs higher intensity and also is known to be anaerobic which makes it favorite for those who want to burn excessive calories.

  5. Aerobics:

    This is an intense form of dance or physical activity which is said to reap higher benefits that will last for about one hour by burning lots of calories during then this is done. Exercises which need both feet to be off the ground will include higher intensity and more energy to burn away the calories.

So many choices which are available will give huge choice to be made but it is also suggested to go with a session of higher intensity every week while the other days in a week will have to be planned appropriately making the body listen instead of pushing body too much.


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