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Eat More of THIS and Lose Weight Crazy Fast!

Eat More of THIS and Lose Weight Crazy Fast!
Eat More of THIS and Lose Weight Crazy Fast!

You may be surprised, but if you want to lose weight, you may need to eat more, not less. This means you need to consume more healthy food, and the following are the best food you can consume to lose weight.

And, losing weight should not be suffering.


Spicy food boosts your metabolism. Moreover, there is a Japanese study that says examinees that had red peppers for breakfast ate less throughout the day. The reason is capsacin, the appetite suppressant substance present in them.

Any pepper will help you eat less, not only red peppers.


Losing weight does not always means you need to eat less, but completely the opposite. Eating a large salad before your meal can help you eat less.

Also, you need to choose low calorie salad because not any salad can help you. Have a salad without meat, eggs, cheese, or creamy dressing. This means you need to have a plants-based salad with low calorie dressing.


Nuts have great calorie content, but also they boost your metabolism. People who snacked nuts were thinner than those who didn’t, a study shows. Also, participants who included 500 nut calories to their diet snacked less.


Olive oil has healthy monosaturated fat and aids you lose weight. You can add it on almost everything. Boost your metabolism by consuming just half an ounce of olive oil with breakfast. Choose raw olive oil because cooking the oil breaks down its flavor and beneficial properties.


Pears keep fat away and are full of fiber, which will help you not snack throughout the day.

You can add pears to your oatmeal for breakfast or add them in your sandwich or salad.


Water aids you toss a few pounds but also keeps you happy. What you need to remember is that the metabolism works the best when is well hydrated.

Moreover, water removes toxins from the body, including fat. Water helps you lose weight faster when dieting of exercising.


Cholecystokinin is an appetite-suppressing hormone that is promoted when beans is consumed. This hormone may keep food in your stomach for a longer period to control hunger. Moreover, it may keep the blood sugar level to avoid hunger spikes.


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