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Home Remedies for Dry Throat

Home Remedies for Dry Throat
Home Remedies for Dry Throat

When one has a sore and dry throat, it might be annoying though a common condition. It is usually caused by an inflammation of the pharynx. This is the tube that extends to the back of the mouth to the esophagus tube that leads to the stomach. There are several causes that can bring on this discomfort. It is imperative that one identifies the reason for the dry throat. After that, there are many comforting and effective home remedies that one can resort to so that the dry throat condition goes away.

Causes Of Dry Throat

The causes for which a sore and dry throat can occur could be several:
•    Viral infections like flue or cold could bring on the dry and sore throat along with a host of other symptoms. One may have fever, running nose and ache in their muscles. While the viral infections are difficult to cure, their symptoms can certainly be treated.
•    Bacterial infection is a kind of infection caused by the streptococcal bacteria. It is similar to a viral infection but it may be more severe and long lasting. One could have a swollen glands along with a dry throat as well as headache, stomach ache and fever. This is usually treated with antibiotics.
•    The habit of smoking may bring on a dry throat
•    Acid reflux due to excessive acidity could result in a dry and scratchy throat
•    Difficulties in breathing due to a blocked nasal passageway will lead to a dry and sore throat in the morning

Dry Throat Symptoms

The symptoms of dry throat are common place but it may still be annoying. The common symptoms are:
•    Throat feels dry and parched, especially in the morning
•    One could face difficulty swallowing
•    The throat may feel scratchy
•    The glands on the sides may be swollen
Such symptoms may be accompanied with a strep infection for which one will have headache, body ache, fever and general fatigue. It is important to treat the symptoms in order to continue with daily life.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of The Dry Throat

1.    Gargle With Warm Water

Salt water in tepid state should be used to gargle to provide relief to the dry throat:
•    Salt water acts like a gentle antiseptic and kills the bacterial growth
•    It helps to draw out the mucous membranes and phlegm from the throat

2.    Add Honey To Warm Water

If one is not used to gargling with salty water they can add honey to warm water and use it to gargle as well:
•    Honey will soothe the throat
•    The inflammation will be reduced

3.    Honey And Its Use

Honey can be used with lemon juice as well as with warm water or tea in order to soothe a dry throat:
•    Honey will soothe the irritated lining of the throat
•    It will help to control the throat infection

4.    Use Of Lemon

Lemon is known for its antioxidant properties which can help to ease the dry throat. One can take lemon juice in different ways:
•    Take a lemon slice, put salt and pepper on it and lick it.
•    Lemon juice and warm water can be drunk slowly
•    Lemon juice with honey and warm water will help to give relief to the dry throat

5.    Garlic And Its Uses

Garlic is known to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties:
•    A fresh garlic clove cut in half and sucked will hit the dry throat and soothe the infection
•    A few drops of garlic oil added to warm water can be used to gargle
•    Garlic added as a spice to food cooked will help to reduce the dryness in the throat

6.    Use Of Cinnamon

When one has common cold and a dry throat they can resort to:
•    Cinnamon sticks can be boiled along with pepper in water and then drunk with a few teaspoons of honey
•    Cinnamon added to herbal tea will be a soothing concoction to drink

7.    Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known to have healing properties for inflammations:
•    When one has a dry and sore throat one can resort to apple cider vinegar
•    The antibacterial properties will help to soothe the inflammations
•    One can even gargle with a solution of apple cider vinegar

8.    Use Of Marshmallow Root

If one has a sore and dry throat they can use marshmallow root in order to:
•    Treat the dry throat
•    Use it in tea to make a comforting and healing drink

9.    Slippery Elm And Its Properties

It is known that slippery elm has a gel like substance that can coat the throat and ease the soreness and dryness felt:
•    One teaspoon of the inner bark of the slipper elm should be added to two cups of boiling water
•    After it has boiled for some time, the solution should be strained and drunk in the warm state

10.    Advantage Of Fenugreek

It is known that fenugreek can help to cure sore throats:
•    One can add fenugreek seed o a gargle solution in order to treat the sore throat
•    It can be added to hot water and the solution drank to get relief

11.    Turmeric

Turmeric is known to have powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties:
•    One teaspoon of turmeric powder can be added to a glass of warm water and had on empty stomach
•    It could be added to warm milk and drank before going to bed

12.    Take Rest

If one has a dry throat along with a cold, they can opt for:
•    Proper rest
•    Reduced activities and use of the throat

Indeed, being in a quiet environment and resting will go a long way to help cure a dry throat caused due to cold.
Are you suffering from dry throat often? Do you have an itchy sensation in the throat? Try any of the above remedies mentioned in order to get relief. You will surely find easy and effective means to cure yourself of this condition at home.


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